Frequently asked questions:

I am a Kickstarter user where is my key:

These have been sent out. Check your junk folder!

My key is not recognized:

A lot of people have had this. Ensure that you are keeping the the "Kickstarter-" bit and also not pasting the space at the start of the key.

I am an Indiegogo user where is my key:

Please check your junk mail folder. Providers such as Hotmail have been incorrectly marking some emails as spam.

Otherwise, please email with the email address of your indiegogo.

I registered but the validation email never arrived:

Check your junkmail. If the system detects you never logged on it will keep sending you a new email every day.

Whitelist in your email account's spam filter.

Where are the Linux and Mac builds:

These will be uploaded next week once they are stable.

Can I stream or Youtube the current builds:

Not yet. The 0.27 build will have the necessary license for you to do so.

The game has a black screen:

Update your graphics card driver. This is very common for ATI users.

Email any other problems with the site to:

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